Our Campaign’s Top Issues

Throughout our campaign, we're releasing much more in-depth analyses of our policy priorities. We invite voters to review these areas, share perspectives, and help raise other issues to shape a path aligned with the community's aspirations. Please reach out at: issues@qarniforcongress.com

See below for the areas we plan to dive into.


Elevating the quality and affordability of childcare is a lifeline for working families and a cornerstone for early childhood development. By backing top-notch childcare, we're giving our little ones a head start while ensuring parents can thrive in the workforce.

Gun safety legislation

It's frustrating and disheartening to see so little progress on comprehensive gun safety measures. Drawing from a decade in the classroom, I'll bring a school perspective to the table, advocating for effective strategies to mitigate the risks and reduce the potential for tragedies.

Restore reproductive rights

Guarding these rights is not about politics-- it's about everyone having the autonomy to make the best reproductive health decisions for their families. Restoring and safeguarding reproductive rights ensures that choices about one's body remain personal and protected.

Good Jobs

Economic uncertainty looms large, I am laser-focused on bringing good jobs to the district that don’t just pay the bills but pave the way for families to build for the future. I will roll up my sleeves to advocate for innovative policies that support small businesses, bring high-end jobs throughout the district, and meet the evolving needs of our diverse workforce.

Climate Change

To effectively combat climate change, we must prioritize the passage of comprehensive climate legislation and champion workers' at the center of legislation-- not big corporations. Moving funding on everything from research to operating incentives from dirty to clean renewable sources is needed NOW.

Lower the cost of prescription drugs

Broadening Medicare can make healthcare accessible to more citizens, ensuring their health and well-being. By focusing on reducing the costs of Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans, we can offer quality healthcare at more affordable rates.

Advance VA-10 as the leader

VA-10 is stacked with leaders, innovative businesses and talent. Positioning VA-10 at the forefront of solutions to everything from climate change to the future of work can pave the way for sustainable practices and technologies. Embracing innovation in this area positions the district as a global leader in shaping our future.


The erosion of democracy demands urgent action. With a grassroots perspective, I'm committed to advocating for robust policies that protect our elections, promote transparency, and empower voters by expanding voting rights. We must improve to be a true government by and for the people.

Pass the PRO Act

Workers need more than a pat on the back and the best way to get paid more is to bargain. Passing the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is pivotal to strengthening workers' rights and ensuring fair labor practices in the modern workplace. This legislation empowers employees, promotes unionization, and provides a framework for more equitable working conditions.

Providing real student loan debt forgiveness

This one hits close to home... and the wallet. Alleviating the burden of student loan debt will unlock economic potential for young adults. Offering genuine debt forgiveness can empower a generation to invest, purchase homes, and contribute more robustly to the economy.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

Kids with disabilities deserve every chance to shine. Robust funding for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is essential to ensure that students receive appropriate educational services and support. Adequate investment in IDEA can level the playing field, providing every child with opportunity to succeed academically and socially.

Protect and expand Social Security

Social Security is the promise of a sunset for our elders. Protecting and expanding it ensures retirement for all. Reinforcing this system safeguards our commitment to those who have contributed to society throughout their lives.

Expand high speed broadband access

In today's digital era, having high-speed broadband is essential, not a luxury. By broadening its reach, we can create equal opportunities for all, including the residents of Rappahannock and Fauquier, to access the global information network. This expansion is crucial for linking communities, enhancing educational opportunities, and empowering individuals.

Expand access to telework

Commuting is exhausting. By working with employers in the region to expand telework we can improve flexibility and enhance work-life balance for many employees. By broadening telework access, companies can retain VA-10's diverse talent pool while reducing environmental impacts from daily commutes.

Protect VA-10 from government shutdowns

Government shutdowns are more than just political standoffs—they hit our community's pockets and our services hard. Safeguarding VA-10 from such shutdowns ensures economic stability for its residents.

Atif on Education

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