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It's important voters know where we stand on the issues that directly impact them the most.

Retirement Security

Retirement does not mean we should be tired again. Retirement should be a period of enjoyment and relaxation-- yet, many are struggling to maintain their standard of living. This underscores the critical need for retirement security, meaning resources for a comfortable retirement.

In Congress, I would protect Social Security by ensuring no reduction in benefits or increase in eligibility age, expand benefits through adjustments to the Cost of Living formula and an immediate increase of at least $2,400 per year to catch up on missed increases, and fund these changes by lifting the earnings cap currently at $168k and taxing investment income similarly to regular income, ensuring high earners contribute their fair share.

I am a strong advocate for the respect and care of our elders. The quality of care in nursing homes is directly influenced by staffing levels. Facilities that adhere to proposed minimum staffing standards experience fewer instances of elder abuse. To enhance both the affordability and quality of nursing home care, I support a comprehensive federal strategy. This strategy includes investing in the care economy and its workforce, alleviating seniors' financial burdens, and enforcing accountability among care providers.

To improve seniors' access to specialists, we must expand tele-health services, address healthcare professional shortages with direct incentives, enhance transportation and insurance coverage, and increase funding for community health programs. These measures aim to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for the elderly.

Abortion Rights

The consequence of the Dobbs decision was a significant regression in women's reproductive rights and abilities for families to plan for their futures. This decision caused a cascade effect, allowing states to enact draconian, out of touch, dangerous and frankly horrific restrictions on the accessibility and availability of safe abortion and health services for women. 

I would advocate for the nationwide restoration and expansion of reproductive rights through federal legislation that ensures a woman's right to safe and legal abortion. This will create uniformity across all states and offer protection against the efforts of radical politicians who seek to regress our rights to the 1800s.

There is a critical need to enhance and strengthen reproductive health services. This effort should ensure that women, regardless of their socio-economic status, have consistent access to essential services, including regular visits to gynecologists and obstetricians.

Access to birth control is vital for personal health, economic stability, and overall well-being. The Affordable Care Act made significant strides in making birth control more affordable for millions, leading to substantial savings. Despite this progress, access to birth control still heavily depends on one’s income, location, and insurance coverage. In Congress, I would push for the creation of a federal drug manufacturing initiative that includes birth control, to ensure that everyone, regardless of their zip code, has access to affordable and regular birth control.


Childcare is crucial infrastructure that requires substantial federal investment-- I would advocate for numerous measures to invest in raising our children.

I support improving wages for workers and ensuring affordable care for families. In congress, I'd work to expand mandatory funding for child care facilities through increased annual funding and creating a new grant program to enhance child care supply, quality, and affordability.

I would fight for legislation to give every child a $5,000 seed savings account at birth to enhance economic mobility. These universal baby bonds, publicly funded child trust accounts, can be used for wealth-building activities like home-ownership or starting a small business. They aim to reduce wealth inequalities by providing all children with an economic foundation.

The child tax credit made a significant impact on families-- elevating so many families struggling with expenses of raising kids. I advocate for expanding and permanently establishing the child tax credit. Broadening the child tax credit to encompass all would elevate 400k children out of poverty and equip every family with the resources to nurture their children.

Lowering Prescription Drug Costs

Throughout the district many residents in our community struggle to afford expensive prescription drugs. This financial burden leads to accumulating debt, the need to ration medications, and even forgoing taking live-saving medication.

In Congress, I would advocate for laws enabling the federal government to bargain drug prices with pharmaceutical companies and combat patent system misuse. I am committed to addressing healthcare inequalities based on race and ethnicity, including in research. This involves initiatives targeting social factors affecting health outcomes, such as those in maternal health.

I advocate for establishing a federal drug manufacturing function aimed at reducing prices, alleviating prescription drug shortages, and introducing market competition. This initiative, supported by many progressives in Congress, would oversee the public production of essential medications like insulin, blood pressure, and cholesterol drugs. We need to lower costs and increase access to live saving medications.

Expanding Telework: Keeping our Community Home

I hear it everyday-- the majority of people in our community are miserable in their daily commute. Our families, communities, and small businesses are watching millions of hours and dollars being spent in traffic and in DC.  My plan puts an end to the misery of Northern Virginians stuck commuting to work by expanding telework and keeping our community home.

As many in DC, push for a return to in-person office work, it is crucial for our elected officials to advocate for our community. The long commutes to D.C. clash with the rising telework trend, emphasizing the necessity for a progressive approach to keep our people and dollars home. I'll work in the federal government and with organizations to dramatically expand and build the long-term infrastructure to support telework.

We need our community at home-- having time to attend children's after-school activities and frequent local small businesses for a cup of coffee.

Affordable Housing

Rent and Mortgage payments are too damn high.

My housing plan prioritizes affordable housing by expanding the federal governments investment in housing, providing options for public servants and families, and constructing permanently affordable units in our communities.

I'll focus my efforts on protecting tenants and ensuring fairness in housing disputes. With measures to revitalize public housing, I recognize the significance of affordable housing for all.

We need to reform home mortgages-- cut all those junk fees, and in Congress I would urge the Federal Reserve to cut interest rates immediately.

Homeowners and renters need both short-term and long-term relief.

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