From the Classroom to the Cabinet to Congress!!!

Meet Atif Qarni: a teacher, U.S. Marine, parent, and Virginia's very own Secretary of Education.

From classroom chalkboards to the cabinet setting Education policy, Atif's journey is anything but ordinary.

Whether he's advocating for students, parents or teachers or shaking up the status quo, one thing's for sure: with Atif, the equation always equals progress!

a timeline of

Atif's Public Service Career


Served in Operation Iraqi Freedom

2007 to 2017

Middle School Teacher

2018 to 2021

Virginia's Secretary of Education


  • The largest expansion ever in Virginia to public preschool

  • Largest ever investments in state financial aid for college students

  • Implemented a true debt free Community College

  • Largest investments ever in K-12 education which resulted in record hiring of school counselors and other support staff

  • Increased teacher salaries by 15%

  • Led the Commonwealth Education systems during a global pandemic

A little About Atif

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Closer to home, Atif juggles dad duties with the same passion he brings to public service – because for him, both roles are about shaping a brighter future

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Marine Corps Veteran

Atif served our nation in Operation Iraqi Freedom before returning home to champion education and public service.

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Public School Teacher

Before navigating the hallways of politics, Atif honed his skills in the corridors of our public schools, teaching young minds and perhaps learning a thing or two about handling a lively debate

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Lifelong Activist

Atif's dedication isn't just a phase – as a lifelong activist, he's been steadfastly raising his voice and taking stands for the issues close to his heart and community for years.

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Never one to shy away from a good time, Atif blends fun with purpose, ensuring every community engagement isn't just meaningful, but also memorable and joyful!

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With a palate as diverse as his policies, Atif is often spotted savoring flavors at small businesses and local eateries across the district. He asks to send your recommendations directly to him at

Atif on Virginia's Diversity

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